Stations of the Cross in Groom,Texas

Stations of the Cross in Groom,Texas
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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thankful for a Thanksgiving and Free to move through the Holidays.

I am thankful for a lot of things this Thanksgiving, but it came and went so fast that my head spun. It's the Sunday afterward, heading into Dec, and Christmas. I've been so glad that I made it and could enjoy another holiday with my family. I was sick most of the year and in the hospital five different times.

 I learned a lesson as a writer. PACE YOURSELF, I had become over-baked in my writing and  I burnt up early in 2013. I had to stop and make some clear choices about where I was  headed.

Was getting a book close to my heart published, worth the risk of continued personal verbal abuse in the editing process? I think not and when I reflect, I realize what happened. I was so eager that I overlooked some vital elements to book publishing and communication.

If you are with someone who isn't an encourager and you begin to second guess yourself as a writer then it's time to change direction, even if it means that you need to wipe your feet and find another home for your project. I want to make it clear that I'm not a person who needs constant attention and hand holding but neither do I need to be raked over burning coals and line up for the whipping post or even roll over for others. We as writers have plenty of that from the world.Yes, I am thick skinned but not to the point of being skinned. That's where I put my foot down and that's where we all need to make better choices.

The experience hurt deeply, I trusted this person, but attack on a personal level is never right. I did learn and I am praising the Lord for this experience. It was painful and humbling. I had to backtrack and the stress did land me in the hospital. I took it hard and personally but I'm a better writer and person for it now so I'm full of Joy going into the Christmas Season.  I feel free to write again and I feel free to stick my tongue out to catch snowflakes. Oh...did I mention I wrote another novel in July? It's called The Christmas Needle. I had a blast doing the research for it, a historical romance.

I have a great schedule for book signing in December. They will be on Military Bases and a Coffee Shop in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Look for the schedule on my website and Facebook.

May the Magic and Love of Christ be with each of you wonderful writers this Christmas and may you be richly blessed. Take the time with Jesus at the waterfalls of life and be refreshed as you move into the most wonderful time of the year. Hugs in Christ.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Writer's Voice Part II

"Polly," my friend from the South drawled in her soft sweet voice, "you are discouraged because this edit has wiped out  your voice." She handed me a box of Kleenex.

"You know what voice is?" I wiped my tears and sniffed. "I've taught on voice, but I couldn't see or hear it in my own work. It's funny that  you should discover that and I'm glad you did. Can you help me?"

"Of course, this editor has begun to insert her own voice into your work and I can see it clearly, the difference between the two of you. You talk like you are from the west, this editor is from the east and she's inserting words that you don't use in  your everyday speech. Remember, your husband once told you to write like you talk. Don't try to pick up vocabulary you don't ordinarily use." Jodie continued, "Every time I read something that  you've written, I can tell that you did it and I can also "hear" when someone has changed something that isn't you."

"Hmmm you can "hear"?

"There's a cadence to your writing and an expected way that only you do things. As  you bring your characters to life, they can be heard by the reader. For me, it's a heart thing. Heart to heart,  ya know sweet thing?" Jodie hugged me. "There's critiques and edits that help your work sing with constructive criticism but you should never change things if it's cold and unfeeling delivery or you don't understand what the editor has done." Smiling, she patted my hand, "You aren't Jim or Jodie, you're Paulette. Don't forget that fiction is different than non-fiction. You can take a few more liberties with fiction and someone that doesn't understand the differences, should not be editing your work. It will only discourage you. This editor doesn't have a  handle on the fiction yet. But, I will give her credit, she is excellent in her editing for punctuation. By the way, I can always tell when you are tired when you write your beginning drafts."

 "How so?" I raised an eyebrow.

Jodie laughed, "You get messy with your punctuation, especially dialogue."

Her warm honey words soothed my troubled heart and fed my soul. It was a deep southern love and care for me that struck me most. She was being her self and her personality is predictable. Just like our writing should be.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Voice of a Writer

It's fall again and a subject that consistently comes up in the writer's world that I live in is the voice of a writer. I find it in blogs, notes, speaking engagements, and coffee chatter. It seems that this is the time of year that we all settle in and begin to write more after conferences, vacations, and school starting back up.

The basic things are shared, but the important thing is...Do you sound like you? We all know what Jerry Jenkins sounds like and Francine Rivers, but do you know you? Don't try so hard, it'll come. The more you write, the more your heart will sing. I can't tell you how your voice will sound but the secret is to write, write, and then write some more. Write what God invites  you to, write what brings you joy, health, healing, and   positive affirmation. You will be satisfied, I promise as you write...the end.

I'm praying for you and I offer that you ask your creator to give you the special voice that he intended for you to have in your writing. Come with me to the waterfall and let's ask Him together.

"Father I ask that you would give my writer friends and me a clear sounding voice, a call, to come and learn of you and your Son, Jesus Christ. I want people to be able to pick up a book by Paulette L. Harris and say, yes, that's a person that writes, uniquely, individually, and consistently. I can tell by one sentence who the author may be. I ask for your help and guidance to become the writers you want all of us to be so that we can reach out to a hurting world. Thank you Father in the Name of Jesus Christ."

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Carol Sauceda's Final Chapter for Seeds of Affliction, Fruits of Suffering.

This is short today because I broke it into two blogs on my website.  It's about her and I posted the final chapter on her latest book. Enjoy.

I'm touched by my friend Carol, who takes coming to sit at the feet of Jesus literally. I often find her by the stream, under the waterfalls, or laying by the large pool that the falls drops into. Sometimes I go and sit with her and we pray together, other times, she is withdrawn and alone. She had to walk this journey with Jesus alone.  We often share a cup of the refreshing water that only the Holy Spirit can offer.

Her son committed suicide years ago, shortly after I met her. She lost her son, husband, marriage, home, and most of her friends.

Jim and I were worried. She was in a dark place, but she pulled herself out of it, finished her master's degree in counseling and is moving closer and closer to being healed by Jesus.

We love Carol, she's a genuine Christian and says what she means, mincing no words. I've permission to share her story as a survivor of a horrific loss. She loves others and she is a huge help and encourager to others as an author and friend. She has non-fiction books published and just finished a novel.

Kudos to you Carol. You go girl! :) We love you.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day Reflecting

My baby Jennifer, is bringing her baby to dinner early today for our Mother's Day Celebration. I plan to take Jake to the stables because he loves horses as much as I do. His mother is a little afraid of them so Jim and Jennifer will do the barbequing for us. Yum! I can't wait.

I will miss the rest of the children though, seems like they were so little a short time ago. I remember each one's birth and feel so grateful and humble that I get to be their Grandmother. They are all maturing and doing what they have to do now to make a living and I can't believe it!

Justin works for an electronics company, all hours.
Jessica is a wonderful chef in a great place in CA..
Aimee is busy with college and starting a full time job at 7-11 in Greeley,CO.
Sara is in CA. working on getting a job for the summer.
Jake, well, he's just our baby and doesn't want to be. He thinks like his big sisters and brother, all grown-up. That's why we have to do something "bigger" like go horseback riding together.

Families grow up too fast and apart now days. So, Jennifer and I have decided to take control here and are planning a family reunion in late summer of 2014. We are praying it gives everyone time to put in their vacation days requests into their work and meet us in Estes Park,Colorado.

This blog is about writing and encouraging you writers to keep going with your lives and do your best to write every day. Even Mother's Day if you can. Don't have an idea? Stop and sit under the tree by the waterfall, it's right against the cliff where the water plunges over. It's a little loud but comforting, as if there is nothing else but this rushing consistent sound. Write something about  your family and loved ones and if you fall's okay! :) Enjoy the day.


Friday, April 12, 2013

What Would A Wise Woman Do? Book by Laura Steward Atchinson

I just finished this book. I can't recommend it enough. Talk about taking a plunge off the top of the falls and into deep unknown pools, this is the book that will challenge you as an author, speaker or whatever your dreams and visions are drawing you to jump. 

Do you think these are God inspired moments? You bet I do.

I met Laura at the LA Writer's 101 Conference last March. She among many other leaders was a loving giving person. She was getting tired as my turn came to meet her. The lady was willing to speak with anyone and gave each an autographed copy of her book, What Would A Wise Woman Do? It is a great self-study and self-reflection book for any one wanting to grow.

As she prayed with me, she spoke one word to me...FOCUS! She warned me that is what she felt I needed to hear. Little did she know that an agent I met advised me the same and that there would be a ton of "good" intentions coming my way and I was going to have to make some tough choices.

Guess what? That's exactly what happened and I began to feel so overwhelmed and worried that I caught the flu-bug. Yep, that's right, God wanted my attention. So I stopped everything, took more aspirin, and laid down with this book. This is a good book precious writing friends. God inspired, thank you Laura for your obedience to your creator. :)

Love, Paulette

Monday, April 8, 2013

Prayer Changes Things.

I'm compelled to "wade" out into deeper waters. I may even have to take a plunge of faith off the top of the waterfalls above me. Why?

I've recently learned that running a business is just that, it has to be run by common sense and logic. It can't be run by emotions no matter the circumstances. It was a tough lesson but I'm prepared to take the leap and go forward into new territory. I praise God for it because each new thing I learn, it means I can help others.

This morning, I'm wading into those deep waters of decision and seeking God's help and wisdom. I'm excited, scared, hopeful, and trusting all at the same time. The water feels cool and really, like I'm doing the right things in my writing. I've prayed, sought godly council, and given everything to my King.

May you enjoy this day and your freedom to move forward in Christ into whatever He has called you to do.

Above all, keep praising as you write. Love...from me! :)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Try Somethng New in Writing

I had the honor of doing something this week I said I would never do...

I ghost wrote a short story for a friend. She cried when it was finished and it made me feel good to be used in this way. I tried to be as articulate as I could, making sure that the story was her thoughts, words, feelings, and voice.

I guess I did and I can't tell  you the joy I felt that I was able to help someone else. It was a healing moment for her to grow and it was an inspirational moment for me. I learned to take a leap of faith and jump off the high dive again for Jesus. He has always caught me and he always will. I also believe I was being tested. Am I willing to help someone else with the creative gift he has given to me in many different ways besides the areas I already have?

Why wasn't I willing to ghost write for someone? I thought this through and it was fear, yes fear. I experienced fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of not pleasing someone else, fear of criticism, and arguments. This person doesn't write but she had a burning desire to see her unique story on paper. Maybe one day I'll share it on this site. It's a beautiful love story woven between her, her mother, and her savior, Jesus.

The trick to this was, we both came to the spring of life together and prayed. I wrote a rough draft by myself and then she came over today and we prayed again and asked God for the truth and her voice. It turned out the way the Lord wanted and we re-rejoiced together. Now...we must hit the send button and send it on it's way to it's new home.

 Praise the Lord! Thank you for a beautiful lady, beautiful story and beautiful experience for both of us.

Won't you consider trying something new in your writing in 2013? You may be surprised. I'll pray for you to jump and be blessed. :)  Many hugs  your way today as you drink and travel forward on  your writing road.

Friday, March 15, 2013

I'm back in the Saddle Blog. :)

All righty, I'm mighty dirty and need a good shower here. I'm guilty of not keeping up my blog. I'm trying honest. It just seems like my Bible study; if I don't do a blog first thing in the morning it doesn't get done as thousands of other things seem to get in the way. Is that really an excuse? I think not, but hey I'm struggling. Do any of you do that with your blog?

I often feel like what seems important to me isn't really to other people. But one thing that is important is you who are my friends and readers. I love to listen and encourage you. I love that taking a timeout under the waterfall or a nearby stream that can be so refreshing after a struggle whether it's a communication problem or mis-understanding. Sometimes I feel just plain tired and I've forgotten to fill myself back up with HSP. That's short for Holy Spirit Power! In other words, stop, go to the foot of the cross and take a drink of spring water.

I'm home after attending a wonderful 101 University writer's conference in LA. It was awesome with awesome people. They were great coaches, speakers, authors, and mentors. There were publishers, agents, and editors. How I feasted on what they had to share and to make things even more wonderful, I had a beautiful room mate who is a mighty warrior for the Lord. We both joyfully came home with a lot of answers and directions for the future. It was a refreshing waterfall of information that we both prayed for.

Don't you love it when you can answer the call on your life with purpose and love? It's not wrong to sit and relax, that's when you hear your unique creative call from your Father who loves you so much. So stop for a moment and rejoice with me as we praise the Lord together.

May you be blessed today in the Lovely Name of Jesus. :)