Stations of the Cross in Groom,Texas

Stations of the Cross in Groom,Texas
Reason I Live

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Blessings and Happy New Year!

Isn't this an awesome cross? Jim and I stopped in Groom,Texas which is near Amarillo,Texas to take pictures of the Stations of the Cross. They are life size and so realistic. That tiny speck at the foot of the cross is me. Jim had trouble getting the whole length of it in a picture. If you are ever near the place, it's worth every moment. You can see if from the freeway it's so huge. We found ourselves humbled with how the spirit spoke to our hearts. When you stand next to them, well it breaks your heart, the suffering that went on for each of us.

I wanted to wish each and every person who comes to this site many Blessings and Happiness in the New Year.

Work and write for the Lord, never give up. Jim thinks that I should keep a word that I've clung to in the past. I usually choose a new word to live during the New Year. That word again will be persevere in prayer, action and deed.

I will be facing surgery for a hernia the 11th of Jan. and I'm feeling that I need a lot of refreshment under the running water and prayer power. This will be the third time for this one place on my body and I'm frustrated to say the least! Prayer power is much appreciated by each of you.

I will post again soon.

Praying for each of you in the Lovely Name of Jesus Christ.

Love, Jim and Paulette Harris

Monday, November 15, 2010

What are You Thankful For??

I'm thankful for all of you writers today. I've laughed with you and cried with some of you. I'm thankful for all your help and insights about what it takes to be a good writer for our King. It's nice to have support along the way.

I read something somewhere that hit home, if we were all completed in Christ then we wouldn't need to be here, but home in heaven with the Father.

I received a wonderful note from someone that thanked me for writing about Jennifer's Angel and that was published four years ago. There is a second print out for Faith Deployed which is awesome. Imagine that! God's timing is not ours so we must keep on going because we don't know who we will touch and encourage.

The one thing I learned from Tiffany Stuart, my blogging expert sister in Christ is to keep them short, so I'll sign off wishing each and every person who comes here.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones! :)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Promise given, promise kept on Finding Your Voice.

Good Morning fellow writers, I have finally returned. I couldn't leave this subject behind of finding your writing voice.

In a huge word, PASSION! Yep! That's it. Write what you are passionate about and what you know, write in your voice, (the way you talk).

Your writing is a mirror of you. How you were raised, where you were raised, your beliefs and values? Write what you know about. What are your personal experiences in life? What is your life about? In other words, upbringing, experiences, languages, work, education, beliefs, family, social, economical, emotional, physical. Another good question for you to reflect upon. What part of the world were you born in? Are your parents missionaries,farmers, lawyers, doctors, etc? There are a multitude of facets about each unique life.

Writing is Rewriting.

At this point you may ask yourself...How do I know when I have found my writing voice?
The answer is: Your voice begins when you expect to be different.

Talking is writing. Elmore Leonard says it well. If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it.
You actually don't get it, you've got it. Don't lose the talk when you write it down.

I've found several quotes that I'll share on this blog but for now I would recommend an older book. You can still find it on Amazon. It is one of the best books I have ever read on the subject. It is called If You Can Talk, You Can Write by Joel Saltzman. His website is

The other thing I did to find more information on writing was on the internet on the subject of "voice in your writing". There are many many references there. I have found that some authors on this subject will speak to your needs more than others in explaining this complicated yet way simple subject.

I promised that I would include a couple of ah ha moments from fellow writers.

One writer mentions that she thought that she wrote women's fiction but kept second guessing herself. A facilitator of a group she belonged to listened for about a year, gave her a wry smile and said, "YOU write women's fiction." She has never doubted where she belongs since that comment. She wrote that in her case, she knew all along. It took someone to speak it out back to her!

Another writer wrote that it just seemed natural that each character's voice in her work flowed. However, her critique partners knew when she was using another voice and would nail her every time. They would tell her that the work wasn't her usual voice and then she knew it would be extreme edit time!

I think by these comments we can conclude that God will use several ways to show us our voice in the writing world. We can pray and ask Him to help us find it, which He will and it will be in a creative way in which we can best understand. Yea! He is faithful.

Keep practicing and researching my friends and write about what you research. If you want more information or clarification just ask.

May you be refreshed by this information and move forward on your unique path created for you by a Savior who loves you so much.

May you each find your unique voice and please let me know when you have found it! and what happened! I'm sure it will help others. I'm praying for you all. Now take a deep drink of fresh water and get er done! :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Shoe Size

I've decided after much research that one size doesn't fit all. That applies to writers as well.

I'm preparing a talk for a writing group. The concept of finding one's writing voice is exciting to me as an artist and so I sent out several requests on writing threads as to what my fellow writers think what an artists voice is.

I discovered with much amusement that one shoe doesn't fit everyone. I had answers and opinions from A-Z. That being said, I'm refining and re-directing many good thoughts that have come my way. I will include some Aha moments of some as well.

God is so good as he tunes our writing voices to reach the world, don't you think?

As I pray for all of you, won't you pray for me that I allow the Lord to get his message across and say what it is that he wants his writers to hear?

I will post more on this in the coming days.

Love you.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

April Showers Bring May Flowers

I am motivated to start blogging again. It's been an amazing journey into 2010. So much happening around the Harris House that I got overwhelmed.

We spent time working on preparing my in-laws house to put on the market the 1st of April and when we returned from Texas, there were lots of demanding messages that needed to be answered.

The most exciting one though was one for our grand daughter Aimee. She was asked to perform at a military talent show and she sang two songs. That meant extra time and practice with rehearsals thrown in for good measure. We prayed, and she committed her talent to the Lord. She witnessed to me such faith in God's control of her life that I felt rather ashamed. You see, she is only 15 and I often wonder where her teenage head is, but this was so big to me. She missed by only a couple of points and still smiled, not a tear was shed, but my heart was broken for her. We were all tired and she did such a beautiful job of performing. But...she was happy, for the opportunity, the chance of two more years to do it, the offer to do more work for the person that invited her try out and lastly, all the cute cadets that came up to her after-wards with words of encouragement not to give up and that she was going far in her chosen career of music. She said, "It's not my time yet. God will do it for me when the time is right. I have to keep working!"

Well, did I learn? Yes! We have to keep on smiling fellow artisans. God knows the "perfect timing" for each of us.

I know you are tired and struggling with some of a ton of writing issues.

Spring is here, take a walk and smell the roses. It's okay to take a break during your writing day. As you move, you will receive some new inspiration or revelation. Allow the Spring Winds to brush through your hair and fill your nostrils with fresh new air and ideas. Take a butterfly net with you to catch what God has for you to move forward in the new year. Have a Happy Spring.

I would ask for prayer for Jim and me as he receives a pacemaker this Friday.

I have been asked to speak on "voice" in June and I will be posting on that subject the next post so please come and sit with me as we work together in Jesus.


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Loss of a Gift

It is with great sorrow that I write about Maggie. She had to be put down last week. Her health experienced a sudden turn and she developed diabetes, the worst case the vet said that she encountered in awhile. Maggie started to suffer and we as a family were not prepared to give her shots twice weekly and blood tests often. That would be expensive and painful for Maggie.

She was given four weeks to live without the medication and two days after the vet diagnosed her, she went into a horrible seizure. Jennifer called her father in tears and asked for help to give this wonderful "gift" back to our Lord.

Most of you know what a wonder dog she is. Maggie has been a faithful friend and companion to my daughter and grandchildren for almost thirteen years and we all have been very sad to have to let her go. It does not seem that long ago that she survived the coyote attack. Almost a year to the day as I think back.

Why do I write this today? You may ask.

God gives us all the tools we need to write, including "special gifts" in our lives to help along the road. Friends, lovers, pets, mentors. I've seen that He does that for each of us in whatever our "purpose" is on earth. He wouldn't ask us to do something without help to accomplish what we were born for. We were born to praise Him in every aspect of our lives whether it is writing or some other form of creating for His glory. Today my friend I encourage you, no matter where you are in your God given purpose, to continue on in what you are doing and be prepared for your final curtain call in life. I'm praying and weeping for you all to enjoy today. Think of your gifts to move forward from God and know He's pleased with you as I am to be blessed to know you.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Moving On

Long time, no write! :)

I had a rough year in 2009, beginning of 2010, but continued to write because it pours out of me. I interviewed a gentleman who had a story to tell in Oct. He wanted me to ghostwrite, but I declined and with his permission, wrote a novel in memory of his mother. I finished on New Years Eve at a quarter to Twelve. It was fun and I love the story. It is with a sweet sister in my life as I write this.

I also lost some friends/relatives due to death and a couple of close calls as we ministered to others who were/are very ill.

I felt led to use the word TRUST for 2010. There were so many dishonest people in my life the past couple of years, that I needed to press in and get on track with the Lord about them. What he showed me was that "not confronting others sometimes when you are hurt is dishonest too." Whew that was rather shocking to know. Many times, I have "shrunk" back when I get taken advantage of or there are false beliefs running around. I hate arguing, it wastes time.

As I continue my walk, I actually did do just that a couple of times, it cleared the air and I can continue the relationships, only on a different level. A more mature level on both sides of the situation.

I'll tell you that it did clear my head of gnats that were constantly picking at me.

The scriptures are pretty clear about that when there are Christians involved, but when they aren't it becomes more difficult. I think I stumbled the hardest over those who claimed to be Christians and then acted exactly the opposite of the Word.
I believe the Word is my handbook for all areas of my life.

Doors opened up for my writing as I obeyed the Lord. This year, my word involves TRUST only in him. I must let others go that are not upbeat and encouraging me in my writing life. The others only tend to drag me down and their opinions throw me into confusion. It's like muddy water or gumbo that one gets stuck in. I only want refreshing spring waters cleansing me and when I drink, I want,desire the purity of the Lord of my life, he is the one who made me and knows what I need to grown and mature as a writer.

One thing I had to give up before I even got started was the marketing position of a company that I wrote about earlier. It wasn't easy. I loved what I was helping with, but it was a test, (I really believe) if I could give it up to the Lord. That's when other things began to break open for me as a writer.

I do pray that all of you who read this from time to time are moving forward and continuing to write, despite the hardware, hammers, nails, chisels, axes,that come bouncing down the road in front of you to cause you to stumble and give up.

Remember, it is always the darkest before the light comes. Keep writing my friends.

You know you can email me anytime that you like if you have questions or need help or prayer.

Your work is God inspired, don't let the enemy tell you different. If you are writing for Christ for His Glory, you may never know who will see it down the road, but God does and it will come out.

Now....breathe and receive a spritual hug.

In His Precious Love,