Stations of the Cross in Groom,Texas

Stations of the Cross in Groom,Texas
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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Welcome Kim Woodhouse and Her Famly

Today is the day that I start blogging again. As most of you know who come here, this is a place where I write to encourage other authors/speakers. I have a wonderful kick off too! The seventh person to comment will receive an autographed copy of WoodHouse Family Welcome Home!

I have a fine example to write about today and that is Kim Woodhouse, a strong wonderful writer/speaker.

She challenges us everyday by her kind and loving example of loving and trusting Jesus for her family's everyday needs. I thought perhaps that I would write what I put onto where you can find her wonderful book. The title is Woodhouse Family Welcome Home!
You can find many stories about Kim and her family life, they are the winners of an Extreme Makeover Home in Colorado. You can find her online at and she likes to twitter too! :)

Though EXTREME CIRCUMSTANCES, the Woodhouse Family has come out on top and are still welcoming and smiling people full of joy and open arms to all who come into their lives. If you haven't read this book I would recommend it because it is full of overwhelming odds and wonderful pictures that show with love and courage that Jesus still reigns! They are literally an open book with their lives in this story.

Kim Woodhouse and her family welcome everyone who comes into their lives. I know, I am part of her writing group with ACFW and I have never been around a warmer family that embraces every person in their lives with a big W smile and arms that reach out to include others, no matter what their circumstances are at the moment.

This is a story of fears, hope, and grace with a huge dose of peace as they struggle through stages of looking for what is wrong with their daughter. They move from one place to another and see many doctors while Kayla goes through major tests before a diagnosis can be made. all the while, the family overcomes pain as they minister to others around them in faith believing that the answers will come. There isn't one part of their lives that isn't affected by the terrible rare physical problems that Kayla faces.
She can't feel pain doesn't sweat and needs to use equipment to keep her cool in an environment other than her home,kept at a comfortable (for her)60 degrees, give or take a couple of degrees that is! It all depends on how many people are in the home at a given time.

The story of the Woodhouse Family, who won the Extreme Makeover House for Colorado, is one of perseverance in a huge storm of circumstances. Every area of their lives has been attacked and full of adversity and I dare say, that only the Woodhouse Family could have survived.

I would highly recommend this book for anyone who want to read a real-life success story where the family beats overwhelming odds. Today Kayla and her brother Josh are swimming competitively and Kayla's goals are to be in the Olympics. She is good at it! I am proud to know the Woodhouse Family and the inspiration that they spread around them. Kayla is a brave precious child of God whose smile and steadfast endurance is a challenge to all to keep on going in Jesus. Is she free from her physical limitations? No, but you can see by all the wonderful pictures in this book that chronicle the events from the beginning to the present, that she is happy and doing what she loves although it seemed to be medically impossible a short time ago.

Their wonderful story oozes Extreme Joy as they share their lives with others.

You won't be sorry that you shared their amazing journey with them, come take a look.

In Christ