Stations of the Cross in Groom,Texas

Stations of the Cross in Groom,Texas
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Friday, March 15, 2013

I'm back in the Saddle Blog. :)

All righty, I'm mighty dirty and need a good shower here. I'm guilty of not keeping up my blog. I'm trying honest. It just seems like my Bible study; if I don't do a blog first thing in the morning it doesn't get done as thousands of other things seem to get in the way. Is that really an excuse? I think not, but hey I'm struggling. Do any of you do that with your blog?

I often feel like what seems important to me isn't really to other people. But one thing that is important is you who are my friends and readers. I love to listen and encourage you. I love that taking a timeout under the waterfall or a nearby stream that can be so refreshing after a struggle whether it's a communication problem or mis-understanding. Sometimes I feel just plain tired and I've forgotten to fill myself back up with HSP. That's short for Holy Spirit Power! In other words, stop, go to the foot of the cross and take a drink of spring water.

I'm home after attending a wonderful 101 University writer's conference in LA. It was awesome with awesome people. They were great coaches, speakers, authors, and mentors. There were publishers, agents, and editors. How I feasted on what they had to share and to make things even more wonderful, I had a beautiful room mate who is a mighty warrior for the Lord. We both joyfully came home with a lot of answers and directions for the future. It was a refreshing waterfall of information that we both prayed for.

Don't you love it when you can answer the call on your life with purpose and love? It's not wrong to sit and relax, that's when you hear your unique creative call from your Father who loves you so much. So stop for a moment and rejoice with me as we praise the Lord together.

May you be blessed today in the Lovely Name of Jesus. :)

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