Stations of the Cross in Groom,Texas

Stations of the Cross in Groom,Texas
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Group CMA

Kelly Mortimer has started a wonderful group of committed serious writers. I've known her for the last three years and find her a sincere person who loves to reach out and help other writers. It is called CMA, Christian Media Association, check them out!

Got a question about writing? Kelly is the one to ask, she answers with the love of the Lord. She was named The Literary Agent of the Year for 2008 by ACFW. Her Agency is the Kelly Mortimer Literary Agency. She also owns a publishing company. She is committed to helping new writers.

Her authors are among the best and she represents many diverse ones.

I highly recommend Kelly as a person of integrity and knowledge.

Her groups are fun to be with and she is all around funny along with encouraging people to get up, dust off, and keep going.

Did I say don't quit? Yeah, we all encounter the enemy, but hey friends, we have won the battle and so let's take a deep breath and move forward into what the Lord has prepared for the coming year. Good, I know y'all heard me. (I learned that from deep south friends in Mississippi!) I'm saving some of this stuff for future writing.

We've had a ton of company since Oct. but it's slowing down, now almost a year later, Jim is out of work, house back on the market, etc. etc. Life in general. We aren't any worse or better off than our neighbors at this time in history. So....we keep praying and praising.

One last thing sweet friends, keep breathing and praising the Lord. I just took another friend up to Seven Falls, a precious French friend, Stephanie, that came from France to visit. She is our daughter's best friend and we totally love that girl. I was reminded of the beauty around me and like the falls, that still keeps falling, we will keep breathing until Jesus comes for us. Although the falls are beginning to freeze up, there is still plenty of wonderful fresh mountain air by the pond.

For now, I send Jesus hugs your way and love each of you that come here.


Fred Warren's New Release from Splashdown

With Fred Warren's permission to quote some of his work, I would like to announce a great new writer to the fold. He belongs to our lostgenre group and has finally published his first book! Yea! for Fred. We are all looking forward to meeting him this Friday, Nov. 21st at Panera's of Briargate in the Springs.

"This is how a writer dies. He's emptied of words, left a blank page that curls and chars in the flame, then blows away on the wind,never to be seen or heard again." A second thought...."Inspiration is all about surprise."

He wrote THE MUSE. I can't get my computer to actually change into italics for some reason, thus the caps for this title. Grace Bridges of Splashdown Publishing published it. You can purchase it most any place and from Amazon.

Fred has written a clever story that I highly recommend for all artisans whether they write or create other forms of art.

His main character, Stan is a writer who is stuck with writer's block (ew dirty word huh?) Stan and his critique group are challenged to help one another.
Like an autoimmune disease, they begin to turn inward destroying themselves. An evil muse whom they've recently invited into their group feeds on their creativity.

This was one of those fast fun reads that I couldn't put down until I was finished reading from cover to cover. I was indeed surprised and inspired and would recommend it for any person who loves to read and create.

Good luck Fred! I loved it.