Stations of the Cross in Groom,Texas

Stations of the Cross in Groom,Texas
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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Love is in the Air

Today is the official launch day of ONE RED ROSE, an anthology published by Dancing With Bear Publishing. I wrote a story about Jim and me and I am pleased to say that it was accepted for this book.

We were married on Valentines Day 43 years ago and it's been a great ride to be sure.
I'm offering an autographed copy in a drawing to those who post a comment on this site or Facebook.

I'm happy to do this because I want to show everyone love and encouragement with a big smile from me. It's a special month for many and another chance to show you all, especially writers to never give up on your dreams.

I encourage you to keep writing because each time we do, we get better at our craft and God given purpose in life. If I can get published, you can. I have been blessed in several genres and places to get contracts for my work. But...there is still my dream of one day having one of my novels find their own new adoptive home. I've worked hard and had to have several transfusions along the way. Those puppies really do bleed you in the process but it's so gratifying to me to see and hold one when it's finished. Then it goes in the oven and bakes for awhile before I take it out and re-visit with strong edits.

I recommend a critique group (friends who care) and a good editor to help you spit-shine and polish. A good prayer and rinse under the waterfall will help too.

I don't have a lot to offer sometimes, keep writing and remember that you are loved always in Christ.

Hugs from Paulette.


Melinda said...


Beautiful.....I loved this post so much....Happy anniversary.....Love you dearly


Paula said...

that cover is gorgeous! I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day anniversary tomorrow. Congratulations on the publication!!