Stations of the Cross in Groom,Texas

Stations of the Cross in Groom,Texas
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'm home again

There's no place like home is there? I'm so happy to be back after attending my little brother's funeral. Things were difficult and I planned to stay longer but returned because of deadlines and can't do much to help the family until the fall. I have a new book available now, yea! My first published novel. "Vapors" is special in many ways and I'm glad that it came first. I'll be posting a picture of the cover. This story is about the two end time prophets in the Book of Revelations in the Bible and how they met to carry out the Lord's call on their lives. You can get it at Gretchen Ricker the publisher deserves all the credit in getting this book out. She is full of knowledge and awesome. I recommend her for help in the publishing industry. She is always willing to help and answer any questions that a writer could come up with. I do hope to post more in the future and give you more writing encouragement. Today is a day of standing under the falls and rinsing off the negatives, the losses, the misunderstandings, the tear tracks and preparing to "pick" up that pencil again. I will leave with a reminder,"If I can do writing and publishing, then you can too!" The word for us today is PERSEVERANCE! Embrace it and know that you are a beloved child of the King.

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