Stations of the Cross in Groom,Texas

Stations of the Cross in Groom,Texas
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Monday, April 14, 2008

United With the Lord and One with Him=Accepted

The other day, I had to write an article. The subject had to do with uniting, unity, differences, etc. You name it, everything that came up did and it became confused as I took everyone's opinions into consideration. It seems that everyone had a different opinion and everyone was going his own way. Not one mentioned God or His Word. I realized I was out in the world and dealing with world opinion rather than our Father's viewpoint. I don't believe that my brothers and sisters were aware of the false ideas that enveloped them. I think perhaps we all get caught up in wrong ideas that sound right or seem to make good sense and we can get pretty dusty sometimes.

So...I went to my knees and my Anchor for His thoughts on how to clarify this subject and how to write about it. I wanted His final answer so that the article would be clear to all.

Ha! If you know me, you know I am wordy sometimes, well, okay a lot of the time. I have to chop, cut, slice and whatever else it takes to create a good piece.
Then, I have to throw in the humble part of the pie. I pray that it is not too tough but full of love and grace when I am finished.

You guessed, the Word is very clear. 1 Corinthians 6:17 was where the Lord took me. I read this.... But he who unites himself with the Lord is one with him in spirit.

Well, that helped a lot because when I was willing to write what the Lord said according to His Word. Things began to flow. I found the scriptures to back up what He wanted me to write. It wasn't me, or even about me. It was what He wanted to say to His people.

Come and plop your feet down in the pool. I don't know about your sandals and feet, but mine got caught in the dirty muck and mire as I struggled to walk back to camp here. Sometimes, it is so nice to sink in a hot springs, but today, the cool fast moving stream out of the pool brings a lot of relief. I don't even want to pick my feet up out of the water. That quicksand is sticking like cement and scratchy. Feels so good to clean it off, especially between my toes! I can move over for you to sit too.
Here is an extra towel.

I am so glad we are united and one with Jesus. We are accepted by Him!

Blessings today.


Julie said...

Paulette, thanks for stopping by my blog.

Praying Papa comes to you as you minister to your sweet grandchildren.'s interesting isn't it? We should all be unified by One Spirit with One Purpose...yet often it's not that easy. But it should be. If we are not in unity, then someone's not listening....after all, it is HIS Spirit that unifies us.

Thanks for sharing your heart.


PS. I read on another post here to write every day.
I am struggling to do that, but so enjoy it when I do.

Trisha said...

Great work.